Epic MMORPG - CyfrenMu Origin mobile launching on April 5th

CyfrenMu Origin S2 will launch its Open on April 5th on android devices . The official revealed the game will include original storyline and features, so MU Online fans can easily enjoy the mobile version.
Epic MMORPG - CyfrenMu Origin mobile version launching on April 5th
In CyfrenMu Origin S2, player can choose and customize 5 original classes: Warrior, Magician, Archer, Duel Master and SUMMONER which inherited classic essence and skills from <MU online>. In this new era of MU,warriors will return to their most familiar battlefields; Atlantis, Warrior Land, and Deadly Sands to conquer the land once more.

   <CyfrenMu-Origin> is onlyavailable on Android devices. You can use also PC Emulators
For MU fans who want to recall memory of the classic MMO or new players who want to experience full-content MMORPG on mobile, we will be waiting.
Decade classic game is back. The King has returned. Now, you can also become a hero!
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